About Us

G & C Waller builders is a Sydney-based, family-run building company specialising in the conservation and restoration of historic buildings and production of high quality joinery. We are a small to medium sized business and have been in operation since 1982. 

In accordance with Burra Charter guidelines we at G & C Waller builders employ a philosophy which is centered around the retention and preservation of original building fabric. As an Australia ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) member we are dedicated to this task and responsibility. We understand the important connection that many Australians feel towards their history and community and we also understand that we, as a nation, learn more about who we are by understanding who we were. Our archaeological approach to building looks to preserve as much of our built heritage as possible. We believe this approach will maintain our very precious, and indeed irreplaceable, buildings for the enjoyment and appreciation of future generations for years to come.

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