Category : Conservation
Client : Private residence
Location : Terragong, Merriwa, Upper Hunter region
Description : This home was built in the 1830s and sits on a large tract of land. It was partly in ruins when we first came to do work here in the late 1980s. Merriwa is a rural town north-west of Sydney. 

Key challenges : The initial works involved the complete restoration of the dilapidated 1830s property and the 1870s extensions. We needed to stabilise the entire building and reconstruct a number of stone walls. Timber and stone floors, walls and ceiling plasters were all restored to their original condition. In addition to this, we fitted custom-built joinery including the reproduction of a Georgian style kitchen and a twin bookcase for the client's library. The project was subject to heavy archaeological investigation including, at the architects request, a search for evidence of bullet holes or blood stains in the hallway. There is a record of a bush-ranger shooting a landlord dead in this part of the house. No such evidence was found during our works. 

We returned to Terragong in 2007 as the property was in need of correctional work to its foundation. A water system had been installed in close proximity to the structural footing members of the building, saturating the foundations of the house. This required underpinning to strengthen the structure and avoid collapse. Remedial works, such as stabilisation and reinstatement of plaster ceilings and replacement of copper gutters were also completed. Our experienced team carried out general maintenance on this property, a vital component to ensure the up-keep and general care of properties once works have been completed. Another custom-made book case was produced and was installed in the client's sitting room. 

Completed : 1989 & 2007